Well yesterday officially brought to a close what I would have to describe as one of the most challenging, stressful and rewarding times of my life. Yep I finished my PLT! 

  • 12 weeks
  • 38 assignments
  • 4 complete client files
  • 7 oral presentations
  • 2 trials
  • at least half a rainforest worth of paper printed

Yes I survived all this!  

It's was such a different atmosphere to studying my degree. Gone was the pattern of lectures, tutes and essays. Instead we were handing a single page of A4 paper with client instructions on it and told to go and manage the file. From this limited information we had to decipher exactly what our client instructions were, whether they had a case and how to move this case forward.  I must admit I think I can write a dam fine client letter now.

So what's next? 

Well all that remains is gaining some experience in a real life office and then I'll officially be a lawyer! 

Stay tuned to hear more of my journey. 

- Jesse