The interview ends with the dreaded question; "do you have any questions?" It's in that moment that your mind goes blank, you forget everything you wanted to ask and you sit there like a stunned mullet thinking do I ask a stupid question or is it better to say no?  And then after the interview you spend the next few hours stressing over the decision you made. 

Sound familiar? We've all been there and we all struggle with how best to answer the question. I recently stumbled across this article and thought I'd share it with you. It contains five questions that you can ask a prospective employer that are sure to impress.


You’re hired! Five questions to ask at an interview and make it happen

So, you’ve applied for your dream job, and scored an interview. The interview’s been really positive, and you’ve got a good feeling now it’s wrapping up. Then the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” If your answer is no, you may have just wasted a golden opportunity. If you really want to impress your potential employer, here are five questions to ask in your next interview:

What do you expect me to accomplish in the first two to three months? For most roles, new employees aren’t expected to be incredibly productive for the first three months, as this is their training and probationary period. By asking this question in the interview, you are demonstrating your eagerness to hit the ground running and be productive as soon as possible. 

What does a top performer look like in your team? This is a great question. It shows you are thinking about being in this team long-term, and how you might be able to work towards becoming a top performer. It also allows you to determine whether you would be a good fit – if top performers are those that stay until 10pm each night and that’s not something that appeals to you, perhaps this isn’t the role for you after all.  

What really drives results for this organisation? Your potential boss will be impressed with this little gem. It conveys that you are thinking about the company as a whole, and how you can contribute to its success – if your employer is successful, so are you in the long run.

What is the culture like in your team? This question shows you want to make sure you have a reasonable chance of fitting in with the other team members, which is important for everyone. You’ll be spending a lot of time with these people if you are appointed to the role, so it’s best to find out now if that time will be torturous or joyful.

How does the company deal with...? Every business faces challenges: technological changes, competitors entering the market, shifting economic trends. This is an opportunity to show you’ve done your research and highlight one area that stood out. By asking your interviewer how the business deals with these sorts of challenges, you will learn more about the stability of the company, and the way they conduct themselves in the marketplace. You want to ensure you share similar values with your employer – if you don’t agree with their aggressive approach to competitors, you won’t stay long in the role. Better to find out now than later.

You may not get time to ask all of these questions in your interview, but that’s ok – by asking any of them, you are demonstrating your thoughtfulness and maturity as a candidate, which can only improve your chances of success.


Originally published on The Naked CEO